Fun and Elegant International Wedding -- Northbrook Park, Surrey, United Kingdom


My fondest memories of Hannah and Mohamed include us enjoying steaming cups of hot chocolate at Angelina's off of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris on a cold December day.  Over thick and hot cups of goodness we chatted about the locations we would hit for their engagement photos.  First the Louvre, then the Tuileries, the Senghor Bridge, the Bir Hakkeim bridge before walking to Trocadero. 

Did I mention it was December?  Paris is very cold--like, Chicago cold--in the winter.  After donning our winter gear, we headed off.  I fell in love with these two that day as we created truly fun, elegant and beautiful engagement photos. 

When they asked me to photograph their wedding in England in Northbrook Park.  Fast forward two years and Serge and I left Chicago for London to photograph their wedding.

Much had changed since our time in Paris--that is--they welcomed the cutest little girl, S. to their family.  But in truth, not much had changed at all; Hannah and Mo's good cheer and kindness remained.  So it is, that they too remain some of my favorite people I've yet to meet.

As you enjoy this post, you'll notice Mo's velvet Paul Smith slippers and Hannah's purple paillette covered Jimmy Choos.  What's more, Mo customized white Converses for the couple and their daughter to wear for the dancing the night away. 

As you read on, notice how Hannah and Mohamed, though they are both English, incorporated their West African culture in their wedding ceremony and reception. 

Enjoy their wedding photos.