Siohbon and Ben's Langham Hotel Chicago Wedding


Siohbon’s and Ben’s wedding at the Langham Hotel downtown left my cheeks, and I reckon everyone’s cheeks were also sore since we all smiled and laughed so hard.  Similar to their engagement session, their wedding was full of good cheer.

Siohbon and Ben first laid eyes on each other in high school. Though they both knew who the other was, they would not reconnect for another 15 years.  Their intimate wedding at the Langham brought together supportive friends and family who wholeheartedly cheered for their union. I am so pleased that we were able to celebrate with them.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs B!

Venue: The Langham Hotel

Flowers: Juliet Tan Floral

Wedding Planner:  Dejanae Events

DJ Magic Man

The Farm at Dover Barn Wedding


Somethings are worth waiting for! And Jess and Mike's beautiful, fun and elegant wedding at the Farm at Dover in Wisconsin was definitely worth the wait. 

I first met Jess and Mike at nearly three years ago when they first got engaged.  Since then, we kept in touch and even met up a few times before the wedding.  During our meetups, we chatted about life, about Jess's progress in working towards her graduate degree and about their plans for their barn wedding and reception at the Farm at Dover in Wisconsin. 

At each of our meetings, I fell more and more in love with Mike and Jess.  They are a kind couple and are so attentive to each other's needs.  While I may have enjoyed spending time with them as they cuddled during our engagement session it was a sight to see how much they lit up once they saw each other during their first look! What's more, it was a treat to see all their friends and family gather to celebrate their union in the great barn.

I'm honored to have photographed their engagement session and their wedding!  Enjoy! xx


Fun and Elegant International Wedding -- Northbrook Park, Surrey, United Kingdom


My fondest memories of Hannah and Mohamed include us enjoying steaming cups of hot chocolate at Angelina's off of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris on a cold December day.  Over thick and hot cups of goodness we chatted about the locations we would hit for their engagement photos.  First the Louvre, then the Tuileries, the Senghor Bridge, the Bir Hakkeim bridge before walking to Trocadero. 

Did I mention it was December?  Paris is very cold--like, Chicago cold--in the winter.  After donning our winter gear, we headed off.  I fell in love with these two that day as we created truly fun, elegant and beautiful engagement photos. 

When they asked me to photograph their wedding in England in Northbrook Park.  Fast forward two years and Serge and I left Chicago for London to photograph their wedding.

Much had changed since our time in Paris--that is--they welcomed the cutest little girl, S. to their family.  But in truth, not much had changed at all; Hannah and Mo's good cheer and kindness remained.  So it is, that they too remain some of my favorite people I've yet to meet.

As you enjoy this post, you'll notice Mo's velvet Paul Smith slippers and Hannah's purple paillette covered Jimmy Choos.  What's more, Mo customized white Converses for the couple and their daughter to wear for the dancing the night away. 

As you read on, notice how Hannah and Mohamed, though they are both English, incorporated their West African culture in their wedding ceremony and reception. 

Enjoy their wedding photos.

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Wedding


It all started with a simple chance meeting while Brian and Kate were both students at DePaul University.  From there affection graduated to love and before she knew it, Kate found herself giddily saying yes when Brian proposed to her in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  

Brian and Kate celebrated their at St Vincent DePaul Church, mere steps from their old undergrad apartment before heading off to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum to celebrate their wedding with their friends and family. 

It was so much fun and very much of an honor to record the beginings of their married life together


5 Tips to Choosing a Wedding Photographer

You're getting married!  You’ve booked your venue, have your ceremony location, you have your wedding planner and now….you know you need a photographer, you've found a few photographers whose work you love.  Now comes time to talk to them before signing with that photographer. But, ah, gosh....what questions to ask?  

Not to worry, my darling!  This blog post will help you know which questions to ask.

Have a fantastic day and happy reading!

1 . What’s your photographic style?

When you are commissioning a photographer that person will photograph your wedding in his or her own style. Be sure to have an understanding of that photographer’s work so that their portfolio aligns with your aesthetic. While Severin Photography focuses on timeless and photojournalistic photography, our experience and fashion photography assignments definitely influence our work. If photographic style is important to you, be sure that the photographer practices this style.  

Now, if you think, well, Martine, I don’t know what style I like.  My response to you is to trust yourself.  If you love your photographer’s images then most likely that’s the style you want.

2.  Please show me two to three full wedding galleries?

Wedding photography takes skill, expertise and experience. Having a nice camera does not make a wedding photographer.  Seasoned wedding photographers train for years, attend workshops to continue to sharpen our technical skills, and assist seasoned photographers before taking up a camera.  

A full wedding should have images that are well-composed and well-lit, despite lighting situations. That wedding should include artistic images as well as photos you expect to see at a wedding, such as family formals, candids and photos of the ceremony.  If you plan on having a photographer be at your wedding from the getting-ready to the night-time dancing fun, be sure that your photographer has proven work that will reflect these situations.


3.  When will I receive my wedding photos?

Wedding photography studios vary in when they release wedding photos to you. It’s a good idea to know when post-production will be completed before you sign on the dotted line. Severin Photography follows the industry standard of delivering our clients’ wedding photos to them within 3-6 weeks after your special day. Albums are typically delivered within 6-8 weeks from when an album has been sent to the binder.  

4.  Will you photograph my wedding?

Larger photography studios may not allow you to choose your photographer. If you meet a photographer and like her personality and are confident that they will add value to your wedding (other than photographing it), be sure to know whether or not she will photograph your wedding.

5.  Can I review our wedding photography contract?

A contract is very important as it spells out all the nitty-gritty. This document should include:

  • the date and location of your wedding;

  • the amount you will pay for wedding photography;

  • the date on which payments are due;

  • what is included in your wedding package (i.e. album, proof prints);

  • when your wedding photos will be delivered;

  • do you have to buy additional prints or are you mandated to purchase an album in addition do wedding photography?

  • do you provide vendor meals?;

  • what happens if the wedding is cancelled? will your money be reimbursed?

  • and what happens if the photographer is unable to photograph your wedding (usually, the photographer should provide a replacement with equal experience).

In a hurry, download this blog post here!

In a hurry, download this blog post here!

Evanston, Kellogg School Engagement Session

In late December, we spent the most lovely afternoon with Jessica and Kelly for their engagement session at the Kellogg School at Northwestern in Evanston.  Kelly proposed to Jessica at Northwestern. It was no ordinary proposal as he had sneaked to the lake front to write his proposal on a large boulder.  

Thankfully, the Marry Me sign Kelly painted had yet to fade by the time of our engagement session.   I know that we had such a fantastic time with J&K. To boot, each time you saw them laughing we too, were laughing along with them.  Needless to say we had a wonderful time together.

Please enjoy the photos below!  

Bianca Sansotti did Jessica's hair and makeup. And Sam Dockery is the wedding planner at their wedding.