We believe your wedding day should tell the story of you and the traditions that you and your partner bring to your union.  On your wedding day, we look forward to being the memory keepers who will record the small and significant moments that will forever tell the story of how two families became one.



Stylish and Intimate Portraits


We are, Martine & Serge, fashion photographers who loves to create stylish wedding photos that could appear in the pages of your favorite magazine. In particular, we specialize in photographing couples of all different hues and faiths.  You could say we are multi-cultural or multi-faith photographer, but honestly, we just love people.  What's more, we've documented the unions of two people from varied ethnic and religious backgrounds for the past eight years.


What to expect

Over our years as a Chicago-based wedding photographers, we've learned to know exactly where to be to document you jumping over the broom, have a crowning service, stomp on the glass, walk down the aisle or take your seven steps together.

We love laughing together over stories of the first time you met.  We love documenting the special bond between you and your partner. Though, we're reaaalllly sorry to say that Martine WILL cry at your wedding.  Everyone has their soppy moments. And weddings are that for her. 



Following your wedding I’m honored to provide you with your wedding album so that those precious memories will remain fresh in your mind for years to come.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to look through my work; I look forward to meeting up over tea or bubbles while we chat about your big day.

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